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Olivia Neely, RDN, LD

Growing up in a home that focused on family and real food, Olivia started sharing her natural passion for nutrition long before she decided to make it her career. As the director of nutrition services at The Moday Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine, she teaches her clients that nutrition is not just about what is on the end of a fork but about balancing all aspects of life to create a nourishing relationship with food. Olivia is committed to demystifying the world of nutrition by refocusing attention on the time-wise tradition of using real foods as medicine to help you heal, find energy, and maintain wellness. At The Moday Center, she works as part of a team with other practitioners to treat the body as a whole, find the root cause of imbalance, and promote individual wellness through a unique personalized approach. Out to prove that nutrition is more than just balancing calories in versus calories out, she can help reprogram your body back to how it is designed to digest, metabolize, and utilize the foods you eat.

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