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Nisonja McGary

Your Birthstone Is The Ultimate Good Luck Charm. Here’s How To Make It Work For You

Your birthstone is more than just a beautiful symbol of when you entered the world.

Nisonja McGary
June 20 2017

The Mystical Home Cleanse That Will Bring Your Intentions To Life

Take your cleaning routine a step further with this high-vibe cleanse.

Nisonja McGary
December 20 2016

A Full Moon Crystal Ritual For Transcending Negativity

Add some high-vibe stones to your full moon ritual tonight.

Nisonja McGary
October 15 2016

Why You Need To Add Crystals To Your Garden

Why not add some good vibes to your garden this summer?

Nisonja McGary
July 11 2016

How Crystals Can Help You Stay Connected To Your Intentions

Follow this simple four-step process to create crystal-clear intentions.

Nisonja McGary
March 31 2016