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Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc

3 Reasons To Replace Your To-Do List With A "To-Be" List

Every Sunday evening I used to write a to-do list for the week ahead. It was usually about 30 items long, and not once did I ever get to the bottom of...

Nicola Jane Hobbs
May 28 2014

5 Reasons To Keep On Blogging (Despite Your Critics)

Words are powerful. They can educate, inspire and empower. They can evoke love and joy, they can move you to tears and provoke action, they can change...

Nicola Jane Hobbs
April 19 2014

5 Reasons To Turn Your Phone Off (Now!)

Sometimes you need to turn off Twitter, forget Facebook, ignore Instagram, and get on and live …

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
February 1 2014

16 Yoga Poses For A Happy Holiday Season

Whether you're a yoga teacher looking to bring a bit of Christmas sparkle to your classes, a parent who wants a fun way to keep the kids active over...

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
December 20 2013

Sunday Project: How To Make An Edible Gratitude Jar

I wrote a post a few weeks ago on how to create a gratitude jar. And it got me thinking: I have all this gratitude, but how can I express it? How can...

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
November 17 2013

5 Reasons To Get Naked Every Day

Nothing is more empowering than being healthy, strong, and naked.

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
November 4 2013

The BEST Vegan Chocolate Mousse You'll Ever Put In Your Mouth

Any time I mention the words avocado and chocolate in the same sentence, people turn their noses up.

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
October 24 2013

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day

It’s all too easy to measure yourself by how much you’ve achieved or how much money you’ve earned, or how many Facebook likes or Twitter followers you...

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
October 15 2013

How To Create A Gratitude Jar

Sometimes I wake up and my first thought is I didn’t get enough sleep. I get to the fridge to find that I don’t have enough fruit to make my smoothie....

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
September 26 2013

Pizza! Gluten-Free Recipe

Something about pizza never fails to please. Maybe it’s the crispy base. Maybe it’s the huge variety of toppings we can use to personalize it. Or...

Gluten-Free Recipe: Protein-Packed Beetroot Brownies

Chocolate brownies are a childhood favorite for many of us. But as we get older and become more educated about nutrition, and more in tune with the...