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Mike Iamele

The Greatest Barrier To Discovering Your Life's True Purpose

"Life purpose is much bigger than something we need to accomplish or a job that we have. It’s the entire meaning of our being. It’s the reason we eat,...

Mike Iamele
July 5 2017

Why Your Biggest Weakness Is Actually Your Greatest Strength

As a clinical herbalist, I’m constantly learning lessons from plants. I’ve learned how to identify toxic areas just by noticing what grows there. I’ve...

Mike Iamele
May 14 2015

4 Overlooked Ways To Become The Happiest Person You Know

Happiness isn’t the easiest thing to come by. We’ve all done the affirmations, practiced our yoga, meditated and eaten healthy — and there’s still no...

Mike Iamele
April 29 2015

Why Becoming Successful Is The Most Spiritual Thing I've Ever Done

Success is such a loaded word, especially for us spiritual and wellness types. Immediately, we're inundated with images of burned out, sleep-deprived...

Mike Iamele
March 31 2015

How To Harness The Power Of Fear To Make You Successful

We humans like duality. It makes things easy. It keeps things simple. There's good and there's bad. There's stress and there's relaxation. There's...

Mike Iamele
March 6 2015

Why This Herbalist Thinks There's No Shame In Taking Pharmaceuticals

As a clinical herbalist and a wellness coach, people make certain assumptions about me — it just comes with the territory. And, on Friday night, the...

Mike Iamele
October 31 2014

5 Ways To Get What You Want (Even If You Think You Don't Deserve It)

For whatever reason, some memories get etched deeply into your mind, making up a sort of highlight reel of seemingly irrelevant moments. For me, one...

Mike Iamele
October 4 2014

5 Ways To Get The Life You Were Born To Live

When we talk about wellness, most of us grab our green smoothie, hit the yoga mat, and meditate in bliss. But the second our Zen is over, we’re right...

Mike Iamele
September 18 2014

Why Sexuality Isn't The Whole Story When It Comes To Love

I recently wrote an article about my relationship with my best friend and boyfriend, Garrett. We were both straight men who fell in love and found a...

Mike Iamele
September 4 2014

I'm An Otherwise Straight Man (Who Fell In Love With His Best Friend)

I’ve always prided myself on being open. I’ll try any new therapy or modality or New Age idea — and, believe me, I’ve tried them all. I’ve done the...

Mike Iamele
August 21 2014

How To Become A Successful Blogger

One of the biggest problems I see wellness professionals struggle with is their love-hate relationship with blogging. They know it’s a great way to...

Mike Iamele
August 12 2014

Are You Way Too Hot To Handle? Why That’s A Good Thing

Growing up, I was a lot to handle. I was loud, I was energetic, I was active. Sometimes I would wave my hands so wildly that I’d knock over my drink...

Mike Iamele
July 28 2014

5 Things You Knew Before Technology Took Over Your Life

Earlier this month, I wrote about how to set boundaries on your smartphone. As an alleged expert on work-life balance, I whipped out my best tips for...

Mike Iamele
July 3 2014

Addicted To Your Smartphone? 5 Ways To Set Boundaries

Along with the ubiquity of smartphones comes the expectation and opportunity to be available around the clock. No more waiting until office hours to...

Mike Iamele
June 8 2014

Feeling Stuck? 4 Ways To Turn Obstacles Into Success

From time to time, we all have setbacks, blocks and obstacles on our path to achieving success and living the life of our dreams. We’re told that we...

Mike Iamele
May 5 2014

What It REALLY Means To Be Successful (And How We Got It All Wrong)

Ever since Arianna Huffington’s eye-opening book Thrive was released, the country has been abuzz, trying to redefine our burnout-promoting,...

Mike Iamele
April 17 2014

How To Get Inspired, Anytime & Anywhere

At heart, I’m a writer. But, like everybody else, I have a busy schedule. In between client sessions and business meetings, I’m folding laundry and...

Mike Iamele
April 12 2014

Coast Your Way To Success With These 5 Tips

Every day, clients walk into my office, frantically begging for help overcoming their obstacles to success. But when I ask what success looks like to...

Mike Iamele
April 9 2014

3 Ancient Herbs To Reduce Stress & Anxiety

We can do all the meditation and yogic breathing we want, but — let’s face it — every now and then, stress and anxiety are going to take hold.

Mike Iamele
April 3 2014

How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

As a business owner, I’m constantly looking to attract the right clients to my practice. As a friend and a lover, I’m constantly looking to attract...

Mike Iamele
March 28 2014