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Melanie St. Ours

How To Read Your Tongue For 3 Key Signs Of Health

Checking up on your health doesn't have to be expensive and time-consuming. Of course, getting a full medical workup with lab tests and imaging is...

Melanie St. Ours
March 16 2015

Immune-Boosting Pho Recipe

Whether you tend to approach cold and flu season by crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, or by stocking your cupboards with an arsenal of...

Melanie St. Ours
January 10 2014

Why Alternative Medicine Just Isn't Enough Sometimes

A few days ago, a dear friend and herbal medicine colleague of mine died. She was one of the most dedicated students in my herbal program, the one who...

Melanie St. Ours
November 4 2013

The Dangers Of Crowdsourcing Your Health Care

Now that our culture is so interconnected through social media, blogging, and search-engine wizardry, it’s easier than ever to have health information...

Melanie St. Ours
August 12 2013

3 Herbs To Relieve Anxiety

When anxiety starts to rise in your body, it can feel like the world is closing in on you. Your breath comes in short gulps, your pulse speeds up, and...

Melanie St. Ours
August 4 2013

5 Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Many of my clients come to me with the same story: "My doctor says my test results are normal—but I still feel like my hormones are out-of-whack. Can...

Melanie St. Ours
April 24 2013