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Lori Bregman

A Celebrity Doula On How To Support An Amazing Childbirth

As a doula, I've noticed that more and more mindful partners are getting involved in the pregnancy and birth process. Here are six ways a partner can...

Lori Bregman
March 5 2016

7 Pregnancy Tips I've Learned From 14 Years As A Doula

As a pregnancy coach for over 25 years, and a birth doula for more than 14, I’ve come to realize the vital importance of mindfulness during this...

Lori Bregman
August 5 2015

5 Fun New Year's Rituals You Can Do With Your Kids

I love doing intention rituals for the new year. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on the passing year and what it was all about for me. I create...

Lori Bregman
December 30 2013

6 Steps To Attract Great Things Into Your Life

As a doula with 13 years of experience, I've noticed a pattern toward the end of pregnancy: a woman goes through a "nesting period" where she has an...

Lori Bregman
December 9 2013

What Is A Doula? (And Why You Should Have One During & After Birth)

In today's birthing world, doulas are all the rage. Although they've been around forever, mainstream medicine is finally catching up on the concept of...

Lori Bregman
November 12 2013

10 Tips To Have A Toxin-Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time to start protecting and mothering your child within. A person could make themselves crazy trying to avoid all the toxins in...

Lori Bregman
July 24 2013

3 Healthy Practices To Do With Your Baby After Birth

Here are three things I tell all my new moms to do with their babies following the birth. If you're having your baby in a hospital and any of this...

Lori Bregman
July 6 2013

7 Tips To Navigate Post-Partum Transition Time

Over the years, I've worked with hundreds of pregnant woman from all walks of life and no two have had the same pregnancy or birth experience. Some...

Lori Bregman
June 18 2013

Fertility Smoothie Recipe

When I prep someone for pregnancy, the first thing I do is pull unhealthy things out of the diet. After I detoxify them, I begin adding healthy foods...

Lori Bregman
June 1 2013

How To Create A Sacred Space For A Hospital Birth

Having a home birth is a beautiful experience: fresh air and natural lighting, the scent of candles, relaxing music, and loved ones nearby. Nothing...

Lori Bregman
May 28 2013