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Lloyd Burnett

How To Use Sexual Energy to Manifest More Abundance, Love & Success

You can connect your heart and sacral energies to amplify your manifesting potential. Here's how:

Lloyd Burnett
May 19 2017

How To Physically Release The Fears That Keep You Stuck

Did you know your body could help you move past fear? Here's how.

Lloyd Burnett
October 6 2016

How An Intuitive Reading Can Help Answer Life's Toughest Questions

An intuitive reading is insight that doesn’t come from logic or inference. Instead, it comes from sensory information, tapping into the energy of...

Lloyd Burnett
March 12 2016

Get Unstuck + Manifest What You Really Want

If you’re feeling trapped in a pattern, it may be time to push the reset button. To do that, you have to address the thing that's calling for your...

Lloyd Burnett
February 17 2016

10 Abundance-Manifesting Secrets To Practice In Your Daily Life

Anyone can set an intention to earn a million dollars, but to make a habit of manifesting abundance in your daily life is easier said than done. Here...

Lloyd Burnett
January 11 2016

5 Mantras To Help You Uncover Your Purpose

You may have been searching for your purpose for what feels like forever. I know what that's like, and I know it can be discouraging.

Lloyd Burnett
November 30 2015

The 3 Powerful Manifesting Tools You Already Own

Want to attract abundance? There are many resources to support you in setting high-vibration intentions that attract abundance: crystal grids, angel...

Lloyd Burnett
October 26 2015

Shake It Off, Shake It Off: How To ACTUALLY Deal With Your Critics

Imagine this: You’re super-excited because you have a new business idea, or you finally quit your job to pursue something more satisfying. You call up...

Lloyd Burnett
October 22 2015

3 Signs You're Meant To Help People + How To Figure Out Your Gift

Have you ever felt that you’re here on this earth to help others? Do you have a strong desire to make this planet, and the beings who inhabit it, a...

Lloyd Burnett
July 12 2015

5 Signs You’re On The Verge Of Waking Up To Your Life Purpose

For a long time, I didn't know my purpose. I knew I wanted something more from life, but I wasn't sure what, and I was struggling. The worst part was...

Lloyd Burnett
May 9 2015

The Ultimate Manifestation Toolkit: 10 Must-Haves To Attract Abundance

Have you ever tried to manifest something, but gave up because you felt like it wasn’t going to work for you? That’s what happened to me until I...

Lloyd Burnett
April 11 2015

3 Signs Your Ideas About Money Are Holding You Back

Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy for some people to have money and really difficult for others?

Lloyd Burnett
March 23 2015

Why I Quit Affirmations + What Works Better

When the Law of Attraction got popular, I became an affirmation junkie.

Lloyd Burnett
February 24 2015

The 5 Major Reasons People Procrastinate + How To Overcome Them

What if the act of procrastinating were actually protecting you from possible danger? Well, there are many motives for procrastination, but one of the...

Lloyd Burnett
February 13 2015

3 Steps To Rewire Self-Sabotaging Thoughts For Good

What's one thought you have frequently that fuels procrastination, self-sabotage and fear-based decisions?

Lloyd Burnett
January 25 2015