Lisa Merkle

Lisa Merkle is a self-described yogi, event designer, and a cancer survivor. Diagnosed in July of 2016 and now cancer free, she is moved to share lessons endured from diagnosis through treatment in an effort to educate and inspire others on the topic of cancer prevention and awareness. Her professional life reflects her passion for healthy living. As a certified yoga teacher and holistic health coach with a background in photo and event production, Lisa launched an event and lifestyle design studio years before her cancer diagnosis with a focus on serving clients associating with health and wellness trends. She recently returned to her hometown Miami after 17 years in New York City and is co-founder of Box Greens, Miami’s first hydroponic incubator. The nonprofit is dedicated to growing and harvesting farm fresh greens in underserved communities utilizing tech farming innovation. With on-the-job training, they are creating a team of tech farming pioneers. Box Greens follows a sustainable business model, distributing fresh leafy greens to discerning restaurants throughout Miami. Long-term goals are focused on the growth of agricultural farming technology and innovation throughout South Florida. The incubator will be located in Overtown, Miami. You can learn more about Box Greens by following along on social: @boxgreens. You can connect with Lisa through her website or Instagram at @lisamerkle212.

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