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Lisa Lane

7 Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothie When You're Pregnant

Smoothies are nutritious, delicious and highly recommended to enjoy as part of your preconception/pregnancy diet. They are easy to digest, will...

Lisa Lane
February 22 2015

4 "Smoothie Bowls" To Enjoy All Day!

These nutrient dense smoothie bowls will satisfy you all day long.

Lisa Lane
September 19 2014

Red Pepper & Zucchini Frittata

Frittatas are a great meal to enjoy any time of the day. Make sure you squeeze a sliced lemon on this frittata to bring out the flavor. Serve cold for...

Lisa Lane
August 7 2014

Walnut-Date Bliss Balls (Vegan & Gluten-Free!)

These snacks will provide a burst of energy to power you through the day.

Lisa Lane
April 29 2014

Single, In Your 40s & Want To Have A Baby? Read This

Do you lie in bed late at night, dreaming of becoming a mother someday? Think life would be just perfect with a baby on the way?

Lisa Lane
December 10 2013