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Lisa Gatti

Boost Your Mood With This Green Smoothie

If you're having mood swings, feeling irritable or struggling with brain fog, this superfood smoothie can help. It's packed with vitamins, minerals...

Lisa Gatti
June 22 2015

A Happy Belly Smoothie To Improve Your Digestion

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you are what you eat." I'd like to take that idea one step further to say that "you are what your body can do with...

Lisa Gatti
March 24 2015

The Ultimate Apple Pie Smoothie

This smoothie recipe contains both ginger and cinnamon, anti-inflammatory spices with powerful health benefits. Both are an ideal remedy for digestive...

Lisa Gatti
February 10 2015

What Is Kombu + Why You Should Be Eating It

Kombu (pronounced KOM-boo) is an edible sea vegetable. Hailing from Japan, it's most historically used as one of the three main ingredients in 'dashi'...

Lisa Gatti
December 18 2014

DIY: Vegan Coconut Yogurt (It's Really Easy To Make!)

I love a recipe that is simple and quick, yet exceptionally healthy. You're going to LOVE this vegan, coconut yogurt. It's delicious, surprisingly...

Lisa Gatti
June 17 2014

The Easiest Superfood Smoothie You'll Ever Make

I love a smoothie that's quick, simple, delicious, and nutrient-rich, containing all of the fat, fiber, and protein essential for a complete snack or...

Lisa Gatti
March 27 2014

A Smoothie To End All Sugar Cravings

Been eating too much sugar? This delicious smoothie can help. The combination of healthy fat, fiber, and protein keeps blood sugar steady by slowing...

Lisa Gatti
November 28 2013

Vegan Recipe: Cherry-Banana Sorbet

Farmer's markets are brimming with summer's fresh fruits and berries. Enjoy the season's bounty with a fruit sorbet that rivals the real thing,...

Lisa Gatti
July 11 2013

Dairy-Free Vanilla Milkshake Recipe

Craving sweets? This milkshake is a great, non-dairy alternative to traditional shakes that are typically high in processed sugars. The shake is high...

Lisa Gatti
June 25 2013