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Lisa Dawn Angerame

Contemplating the Yoga Sutras

Yoga is one of six philosophical systems from ancient India and the Yoga Sutras are essentially the bible. Having experienced transcendental states,...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
February 15 2012

What Does Financial Planning Have to Do with Yoga?

If your practice is ever interrupted by financial worries, then you need to do something about it. Yoga asana and meditation are practices that are...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
September 7 2011

Yoga Poses to Help with Seated Meditation (Video)

Up your meditation game with these simple yoga poses.

Lisa Dawn Angerame
August 16 2011

Post Baby Yoga: Getting Your Body Back

"When I can go back to yoga?" is the number one question I get from new moms. In fact, just last week, I received a text from a new mom who was still...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 16 2011

Practicing Meditation Pregnant: Connecting Soul to Soul

Pregnancy is a wild ride! There is new life growing inside of you. Your hormones are raging. Your body is changing daily. It is a time of wonder and...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 6 2011

Pregnant Warriors: Practicing Yoga Pregnant

Have you been practicing yoga for a number of years? Are you pregnant and wondering if you should still practice? The answer is emphatically: YES!...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 1 2011