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Laura McDonald

8 Ways Trusting Your Gut Can Change Your Life

​As a health coach and trainer my mantra for every class I teach, every exercise video I film and every private client I work with is “listen to your...

Laura McDonald
February 21 2016

Get Badass Legs With These 4 Exercises

As a personal and group trainer, I have found there’s nothing better than getting outside for a workout and incorporating what’s around you. My...

Laura McDonald
November 6 2015

Plank Challenge Day 3: Target Your Obliques

You made it to day three of the plank challenge! Today, we're going to target your oblique muscles with two exercises, which are outlined below. With...

Laura McDonald
November 4 2015

Plank Challenge Day 2: Fire Up Your Core

Welcome to day two of the #planklovechallege! Today we are doing forearm hip dips and forearm alternating leg lifts (exercises are outlined below)....

Laura McDonald
November 3 2015

Plank Challenge Day 1: Two New Moves For A Total-Body Workout

Here are two variations of the standard plank that will work your upper body, core, legs, and butt. Do 8 to 12 reps of each move, take a quick break,...

Laura McDonald
November 2 2015

9 Easy Moves For Sexy, Toned Legs

I'm a personal trainer and my clients often come to me looking for a killer lower-body workout. Well, here it is! This quick video focuses on working...

Laura McDonald
October 29 2015

Why You Should Exercise Every Day: 14 Reasons That Will Get Your Butt To The Gym

The number on the scale isn’t the only reason to exercise. If your only goal is to lose weight, you might not stick with your workout regimen. I'm a...

Laura McDonald
October 21 2015

A Killer Ab Workout You Can Do In Your Living Room

These moves are some of my favorites because they are simple and effective and you don't need any equipment or even much space

Laura McDonald
October 8 2015

Try This 5-Move, No-Gym Workout

I'm a group fitness trainer and my clients love this type of workout because they learn to incorporate simple yet powerful moves into any activity —...

Laura McDonald
September 23 2015

6 Killer Moves To Tone Your Arms

Adding weight to your workout helps to tone and create leaner muscles, boost your metabolism and you’ll burn calories all day long.

Laura McDonald
September 13 2015

A 10-Move Workout You Can Do In 10 Minutes (Video)

Here’s a great, effective and quick full-body routine you can do anywhere! No equipment or gym required, just a mat for comfort. Make sure to check...

Laura McDonald
May 17 2015

A 15-Minute Spring Shape-Up Workout (Video)

My clients love this quick, challenging total body workout as much as I do! The best part is you can do it anywhere — no gym membership or equipment...

Laura McDonald
April 9 2015

A 20-Minute Indoor Stair Workout (Video)

Don't let the freezing cold, snowy and icy weather keep you from a getting a great workout! I've put together this video to give you ideas for a total...

Laura McDonald
February 8 2015

11 Unexpected Areas Of Your Life You Can Detox

As another birthday approaches and I glide further into my 50s, I've been thinking a lot about how letting go of some of my old notions and habits has...

Laura McDonald
January 5 2015

9 Things To Accept Before You Can Love Unconditionally

Let me state right away that I am not a doctor or therapist; I am simply a woman (mother, wife, sister, daughter) that has amassed years of experience...

Laura McDonald
January 1 2015

7 Tips To Stay Healthy While You Party

Rockstars have to manage hours of intense performance on stage followed by partying into the wee hours of the morning. Their livelihood depends on...

Laura McDonald
December 17 2014

10 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Healthier

In order to create change, you have to make the decision that you want to change.

Laura McDonald
November 18 2014