11 Articles by Kristin Dahl

Kristin Dahl

How Spirituality Helped Me Overcome Crippling Depression

"When I focus my attention on the connection to spirit, my whole life lights up."

Kristin Dahl
May 29 2017

Micro-Meditation + 5 Other Tools For Instant Grounding

Working breathwork and meditation into your routine doesn't have to be a burden.

Kristin Dahl
March 5 2017

A One-Day Menu Of Hearty Meals That Fight Chronic Inflammation

Tempeh macro bowl with miso sauce? Count us in.

Kristin Dahl
July 29 2016

A Holistic Nutritionist's Rules For Optimal Digestion

These tried-and-true tips will keep your digestion flowing and your body glowing.

Kristin Dahl
July 8 2016

The 3 Different Types Of Cravings + How To Beat Each One

Cravings always carry important messages.

Kristin Dahl
June 13 2016

Top Rules for Optimal Gut Health, A Holistic Nutritionist Explains

Tending to your gut is the number one thing you can do to boost your overall health and immunity.

Kristin Dahl
May 31 2016