12 Articles by Karen Sheer

Karen Sheer

This Vegan Apple-Raspberry Crisp Is Fall In A Bowl

Grab a buddy and make this perfect fall dessert.

Karen Sheer
October 14 2016

Make The Most Of Your Matzo With This Gluten-Free Granola Recipe

Turn that Passover matzo into a breakfast treat

Karen Sheer
April 25 2016

Foolproof Gluten-Free Seeded Crackers You Can Make Yourself

Yes, you can make your own whole grain, gluten-free crackers. Here's how.

Karen Sheer
March 20 2016

Vegan Ramen To Get You Through The Last Days Of Winter

Here's how to turn the trendiest carb into a healthy, steaming bowl of deliciousness at home.

Karen Sheer
March 5 2016

A Better-For-You Onion Dip Recipe

Need a dip for the weekend game-day get-together that isn't full of weird, processed ingredients?

Karen Sheer
November 19 2015

Why You Should Ditch "Natural Flavors"

I used to consume bottled peach iced tea all the time. I loved the flavor of the tea — it was completely unique and I was hooked. When I got more...

Karen Sheer
August 12 2015

Sweet Summer Recipe: Vegan Black Cherry Ice Cream + Cashew Brittle

Isn't it nice to enjoy something sweet in summer that's plant-based and dairy-free? Commercial frozen cherry yogurts are mostly artificially flavored...

Karen Sheer
July 17 2015

Veggie-Packed Super-Crunch Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette

Produce is coming into its peak season — indulge in nature’s finest offerings with this super-hydrating super crunch salad!

Karen Sheer
June 1 2015

Gluten-Free Matzo Just In Time For Passover

For seven days, starting April 14, Jews around the world will be observing Passover. Only unleavened bread is to be eaten for seven days, and at the...

Karen Sheer
April 11 2014