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Karen Sheer

This Vegan Apple-Raspberry Crisp Is Fall In A Bowl

Grab a buddy and make this perfect fall dessert.

Karen Sheer
October 14 2016

Foolproof Gluten-Free Seeded Crackers You Can Make Yourself

Yes, you can make your own whole grain, gluten-free crackers. Here's how.

Karen Sheer
March 20 2016

Vegan Ramen To Get You Through The Last Days Of Winter

Here's how to turn the trendiest carb into a healthy, steaming bowl of deliciousness at home.

Karen Sheer
March 5 2016

A Better-For-You Onion Dip Recipe

This is my updated version of the popular Lipton French Onion Dip.

Karen Sheer
November 19 2015