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Julianna Raye

How Meditation Helped Me Deal With Loneliness

I’ve struggled with loneliness a lot. I live in Los Angeles by myself, far from my family in New Jersey. I don’t have a family of my own, and I’ve...

Julianna Raye
May 29 2014

Why I Stuck With Zen (And Why I'm Happy I Did)

At the end of my first Zen retreat, I was convinced it would be my last. As a friend drove me home I told her, “It’s just not my style.” I was being...

Julianna Raye
March 28 2014

How Mindfulness Helps You See What's Missing (And Why You'd Want To)

In Basic Mindfulness (the system of Mindfulness I teach) there’s a term called “Gone.” Gone refers to any moment of partial or complete disappearance...

Julianna Raye
February 20 2014

Is Silence Really Necessary During A Meditation Retreat?

There’s an air of mystery surrounding meditation retreats. For many people, the mystery is why anyone would ever go on one! When people find out that...

Julianna Raye
July 24 2013

How I Overcame Chronic Back Pain (Naturally!)

I tried everything: chiropractic, acupuncture, regular cortisone injections, epidural cortisone injections, physical therapy...you name it.

Julianna Raye
July 4 2013

5 Goals You Should Shoot For With A Mindfulness Practice

It always amazes me how quick people are to judge themselves if they’ve tried meditating and didn’t drop into ecstatic transcendence on the first go....

Julianna Raye
June 21 2013

Mindfulness Is A Fake Smile At Whole Foods

About five years into practicing meditation, I had an experience that gave me a clear perspective on how it was improving my life. For as long as I...

Julianna Raye
May 29 2013

How Mindfulness Turned My Day Job Into A Retreat

Years ago, I had a job working as a personal assistant. In the grand scheme of things, it was a great job because I was treated respectfully and my...

Julianna Raye
May 17 2013

Why I Need Mindfulness, Not Just Bliss

When I got home from my first retreat with Shinzen Young 16 years ago, I was high as a kite. Then, my boyfriend of three months dumped me over the...

Julianna Raye
May 8 2013

How Mindfulness Changed My Everyday Experiences

Sixteen years ago, I went on my first mindfulness retreat with Shinzen Young. My life was at a low point. I was in an unhappy relationship, struggling...

Julianna Raye
May 2 2013

How Sound Healing Can Change Your Life

A few weeks ago, I went with a group of friends on an adventure to the desert. It all started because two very talented friends, Rufus Wainwright and...

Julianna Raye
April 20 2013