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Jen Broyles

5 Essential Oils To Banish Brain Fog Once And For All

You're just a few drops away from relaxation, focus, and mental balance.

Jen Broyles
July 1 2016

Dairy-Free Chocolate Pudding

Following a paleo diet has helped me overcome my sugar addiction, but I still enjoy a taste of something sweet sometimes. I've always been a fan of...

Jen Broyles
October 5 2014

3 Healing Essential Oils That Belong In Every Medicine Cabinet

You may have heard about essential oils as they continue to gain popularity in the natural health world, but what are essential oils exactly and what...

Jen Broyles
July 24 2014

Do You Have Heartburn & Indigestion? Try This Natural Cure

Symptoms of heartburn, reflux, and indigestion are unbelievably common in today’s society. In fact, we spent $25.6 billion worldwide in 2008 to...

Jen Broyles
July 9 2014

6 Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Your Digestion

If you’ve been struggling with chronic digestive issues, then you know that figuring out the cause and fixing it can seem like an uphill battle. Trust...

Jen Broyles
July 3 2014

Why Everyone Should Try An Epsom Salt Bath

Lately, I’ve really been trying to manage my stress in healthy ways. I like yoga, reading, and long walks, but I needed other simple techniques....

Jen Broyles
May 31 2014

The Best Cauliflower Mash Ever

Having dealt with chronic digestive issues for years, I've tried many different protocols to feel better. Most have provided little to no improvement...

Jen Broyles
March 10 2014

4 Awesome Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become more mainstream over the past couple of years, but tropical populations have enjoyed the benefits of this powerful oil for...

Jen Broyles
October 10 2013

What Is Adrenal Fatigue & Do You Have It?

Adrenal fatigue is becoming more and more common in our hectic, fast-paced society, and you may have heard the term thrown around a few times....

Jen Broyles
June 3 2013

Is IBS Making You Miserable? The Best Diet Changes For Relief

I’ve written a few articles in the past about how to naturally deal with minor digestive discomfort, but today, I’m going to get a little deeper. Some...

Jen Broyles
April 5 2013

The 5 Best Natural Foods & Minerals For Beauty

As a society, we love beauty, and we love our beauty products. This is true for both men and women. We're always eager to try the next new lotion,...

Jen Broyles
March 18 2013

5 Fats That Don't Make You Fat

There are a lot of myths out there regarding nutrition. We are always eager to try the next health fad or new diet in hopes of dropping pounds and...

Jen Broyles
February 4 2013

6 Rules To Get Healthy, Lose Weight, And Feel Great

When it comes to nutrition, there's so much controversial information out there.

Jen Broyles
January 14 2013

4 Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking

Supplements are controversial among wellness professionals. I happen to be very pro-supplement.

Jen Broyles
January 7 2013

5 Tips To Relieve Digestive Distress

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling of bloating, heaviness, and other unfortunate side effects after eating too much or eating the...

Jen Broyles
December 31 2012

Don't Fear Carbs! Enjoy Them

Why is it that carbohydrates have developed such a bad name? It seems that ever since the hype of the Atkins Diet, carbs have been looked down upon,...

Jen Broyles
December 14 2012

3 Reasons Why You Should Juice

Juice bars are popping up on every corner, giving us healthy alternatives to our lattes, frappucinos, and mochas. You may be wondering: why is juicing...

Jen Broyles
November 24 2012

5 Superfoods to Always Have On Hand

Superfoods are all the rage these days and there’s good reason for it. They are more than all-natural, whole foods; they are in fact both a food and a...

Jen Broyles
October 2 2012

5 Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas

Do you ever get that mid-afternoon lull where you just need a little sustenance to boost your energy and get you through your day? I definitely...

Jen Broyles
September 27 2012