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Jeff Cannon

The Mindful Diet: How To Lose Weight By Changing Your Thoughts

If you really want to live a healthier life and be happy doing it, then you have to do more than just cut calories.

Jeff Cannon
January 20 2014

Yes, The Path To Enlightenment Is Painful

I often talk about living the life you were meant to live. When I'm asked about this, I turn to the dozens of people who come to me dissatisfied that...

Jeff Cannon
June 17 2013

A Mini Guide To Modern Meditation & Letting Go

While enlightenment is a beautiful thought, it can get lost in the 24/7 shuffle that is modern life.

Jeff Cannon
June 2 2013

5 Ways To Quiet Your Mind

While it's a wonderful creation, your brain is not the boss of you.

Jeff Cannon
April 13 2013

Did Jesus Meditate? Are Christians Allowed To Meditate?

It’s Easter, and I could find no better time to address a question I've been asked many times over the years: Are Christians allowed to meditate? 

Jeff Cannon
March 29 2013

5 Steps To Unlock Your Higher Self

We're all too familiar with the voice that echoes inside our heads. You know the one: the nasty roommate who constantly picks at your faults, real or...

Jeff Cannon
March 10 2013