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Ines Festini

5 Reasons You Don't Need A Gym To Get In Shape

It's challenging to keep the right balance between family life, work life and your free time, not to mention finding the time to hit the gym and get...

Ines Festini
January 20 2015

A Circuit Workout For When You're Super Short On Time

A workout you can fit into your busy schedule.

Ines Festini
December 16 2014

The 15-Minute, Equipment-Free, Total-Body Workout (Video)

Here's what you need: 15 minutes, some groovy workout music, you.

Ines Festini
November 20 2014

Why You Should Train Less (But Smarter!)

Shorter, more intense workouts are they way to go.

Ines Festini
October 10 2014

The One Exercise That Will Get You A Sexy, Toned Butt

Summer is around the corner, and it’s high time you stop wasting your precious time on the treadmill and start training the smart way! If you want to...

Ines Festini
June 4 2014