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Felicia Spahr

3 Steps To Tap Into Your Intuition For Success (On Your Own Terms)

When I was growing up, I wanted so badly to be "famous." That seems like a fairly typical dream for any teenage girl, right? Sure, it was a "normal"...

Felicia Spahr
April 16 2015

How To Prioritize Your Social Life When You Don't Have Balance

There's something no one tells you about making friends once you become a "real adult." Here it is: making friends is hard! When you were younger,...

Felicia Spahr
January 9 2015

3 Ways To Spark Your Charisma, Even If You're Not Charismatic

Have you ever wondered what exactly "charisma" is? And have you ever wondered how you could "get it" ... even if you feel like you're not charismatic?

Felicia Spahr
December 3 2014

3 Tips To Feel Way More Excited About Your Relationship

No one ever sat down with me and told me that in order to have a successful, long-term relationship that I would need to be ten times more empathetic...

Felicia Spahr
October 27 2014

5 Simple Steps To Thrive

Every day you make choices. You choose to haul yourself out of bed. You choose to look in the mirror and give yourself a wink. You choose to smile and...

Felicia Spahr
July 22 2013