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Steven Lin, DDS

This Is The Ideal Diet For Your Teeth, According To A Holistic Dentist

The foods our ancestors ate worked with their bodies—not against them.

Steven Lin, DDS
January 19 2018

Is Your Mouth Microbiome More Important Than Your Gut?

"When you treat your mouth, your treat your body."

Steven Lin, DDS
September 14 2017

5 Reasons To Stop Drinking Juice

Fruit juice gained popularity as a "healthy" alternative to flavored drinks such as soda due to its reputation for containing a high concentration of...

Steven Lin, DDS
October 21 2015

5 Reasons I Tell My Patients It's OK To Eat Carbs

The idea that eating carbohydrates makes you gain weight became popular when the Atkins Diet made a comeback in the early 2000s. Since then, the...

Steven Lin, DDS
September 14 2015