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Dr. David A. Greuner

6 Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Next Flight: A Doctor Explains

Do yourself a favor and read this before your next flight.

Dr. David A. Greuner
July 9 2016

The Healthiest Booze You Can Drink This Weekend

While that extra glass of rose or spicy margarita this weekend might seem harmless, it's also important to know: If you are going to drink, what's...

Dr. David A. Greuner
May 27 2016

Yes, A Broken Heart Can Actually Hurt Your Heart: A Cardiovascular Surgeon Explains

Can a broken heart really break your heart? In short, yes. And just when you thought today’s dating environment was tough enough!

Dr. David A. Greuner
January 19 2016

Why You Should Work Out In Cold Weather: A Doctor Explains

The gyms are full, the sun has already set way before you've left the office, and there is little in you that wants to stay on your weekly exercise...

Dr. David A. Greuner
December 30 2015

3 Weird Ways Winter Can Hurt Your Health (Besides The Common Cold)

Between jam-packed schedules, gift-giving pressures, and family hosting duties, the holidays can be a stressful time — as we are all aware of.

Dr. David A. Greuner
December 1 2015

The Truth About Sleeping Pills: A Doctor Explains

If you often struggle to get some shut-eye, you're not alone — many Americans suffer from insomnia on a regular basis.

Dr. David A. Greuner
November 16 2015

6 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship With Marijuana

Marijuana is now known to be a therapeutic drug, helpful in managing a wide variety of afflictions, from insomnia to cancer. It has also become...

Dr. David A. Greuner
June 1 2015

9 Signs Of A High-Functioning Alcoholic

While alcoholism is a devastating disease that can destroy lives, some people who struggle with it manage to hold down stressful jobs and big...

Dr. David A. Greuner
April 22 2015