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Diana Chaplin

Make Your Own Coconut Milk In 5 Minutes

Everybody likes a creamy dairy alternative for snacks and smoothies, but oh the soaking and waiting that comes from making it from nuts! While I’m all...

Diana Chaplin
July 6 2015

How To Appreciate And Love Your Sensitive Soul

Has anyone ever told you that you’re “too sensitive” in a way that implied something was wrong with you? Have you noticed that you’re more aware than...

Diana Chaplin
February 21 2013

5 Awesome Ways to Nourish Your Spirit

When most people think of nourishment, it’s usually in the form of a healthy diet – plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and water....

Diana Chaplin
November 16 2012

6 Ways to Help Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland does not put on airs or take up a lot of real estate, it’s pretty low key until you find out something is wrong, and then you might...

Diana Chaplin
May 9 2012

5 Types of People Who Think They're Healthy Eaters

As a Holistic Health Counselor, I often come across individuals who have a specific idea of what ‘healthy’ means. They think they are following all...

Diana Chaplin
April 19 2012