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Cyrena Lee

Why Minimalist Vacations Make Us Happier — According To Science

Go and get lost. You just might find something you didn’t expect.

Cyrena Lee
November 3 2017

How A Korean Scrub Helped Me Embrace My Body

This scrub will literally transform the skin on your body.

Cyrena Lee
May 13 2017

The Unlikely Way Nature Can Help You Find Your Tribe & Yourself

Every woman should find her tribe and find her rightful place in a sisterhood. Doing so will free the feminine energy needed to heal herself—and the...

Cyrena Lee
February 4 2017

Is "Therapeutic Air" The Next Big Wellness Trend?

Personalized, portable aromatherapy? Count us in.

Cyrena Lee
October 10 2016

90 Minutes With A Shaman Changed My Life: Here's How

In my mind, the journey was an interesting form of therapy that allowed me to exercise my imagination and to really sit with and interpret what my...

Cyrena Lee
August 16 2016

The Weird Drink That Gives Me All-Day Natural Energy

I had never heard of this drink before, but when my naturopathic doctor recommended it as a replacement for coffee, I was intrigued.

Cyrena Lee
March 28 2016