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Cynthia Belmer

5 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt occurs when we focus on what’s missing in us and on everything that’s going wrong in our lives, regardless of all the blessings and gifts...

Cynthia Belmer
January 27 2014

20 Awesome Side Effects Of Practicing Self-Love

Self-love isn't about being narcissistic. It's not about “me, me, me.” It's not about fighting the world to express ourselves or to get what we want....

Cynthia Belmer
January 14 2014

How To Draw Healthy Boundaries With Friends Who Criticize You

Do you remember how we were taught as children to say “yes” to almost everything, even if the little voice within us isn't so happy about it?

Cynthia Belmer
September 9 2013

21 Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Be Happy

We all want to be happy. We often talk about how badly we want happiness, yet we keep repeating the same unhealthy habits over and over again.

Cynthia Belmer
August 24 2013

You Spend 97,000 Hours At Work. Is It Worth It?

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend at work? Have you ever considered evaluating your work environment based on your personal...

Cynthia Belmer
May 13 2013

17 Ways To Shed Negativity And Achieve Happiness

How many of us feel complete self-love and self-compassion? How many of us take care of our own needs and rely on the way we look at ourselves instead...

Cynthia Belmer
February 22 2013

How I Dared To Be Vulnerable

I thought I was pretty good at working through my fears.

Cynthia Belmer
January 9 2013

11 Ways To Attract Trust In Your Relationships

Do you want to spend the rest of your life scared and anxious or do you want to live your life with trust?

Cynthia Belmer
December 28 2012