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Cynthia Belmer

Is Your Ambition Getting In The Way Of Dating? Read This

There was a time in my life when I felt torn between focusing on my career and finding a partner to build my life with. I feared that committing to...

Cynthia Belmer
June 16 2014

3 Questions Women Have After A Breakup, Answered

Your boyfriend or partner has broken up with you unexpectedly, and you’re angry, hurt, and confused. You don't understand what happened. Despite your...

Cynthia Belmer
May 3 2014

Do You Worry What People Think Of You? Try This

Have you ever given up something you truly want because you’re afraid of what others may think of you? Do you hear a voice that tells you: You’re not...

Cynthia Belmer
April 4 2014

5 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt occurs when we focus on what’s missing in us and on everything that’s going wrong in our lives, regardless of all the blessings and gifts...

Cynthia Belmer
January 27 2014

20 Awesome Side Effects Of Practicing Self-Love

Self-love isn't about being narcissistic. It's not about “me, me, me.” It's not about fighting the world to express ourselves or to get what we want....

Cynthia Belmer
January 14 2014

How To Draw Healthy Boundaries With Friends Who Criticize You

Do you remember how we were taught as children to say “yes” to almost everything, even if the little voice within us isn't so happy about it?

Cynthia Belmer
September 9 2013

21 Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Be Happy

We all want to be happy. We often talk about how badly we want happiness, yet we keep repeating the same unhealthy habits over and over again.

Cynthia Belmer
August 24 2013

How To Get Over A Layoff & Get A Better Job

You’ve just been let go, and it stinks. You were loyal and you believed in your talents. Now you feel rejected and unappreciated.

Cynthia Belmer
August 14 2013

5 Signs You're In A Toxic Job

Let’s deconstruct some of the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that commonly create toxicity and anxiety to even the most intelligent and...

Cynthia Belmer
July 26 2013

How To Beat Your Fears & Manifest Your Dream Career

There’s no question that you have unique strengths within you. You know what you love to do, more than anyone else.

Cynthia Belmer
June 11 2013

How To Figure Out What You Want In Life

It’s so much easier to know what we don’t want in life. Society has trained us pretty well to think this way. We protest against war, against hunger,...

Cynthia Belmer
May 31 2013

How To Discover Your Secret Talent (The World Is Waiting!)

There’s a big trend of people finding their mission, quitting their jobs, and starting their own thing. You may think that they’re lucky to have this...

Cynthia Belmer
May 23 2013

Are You Wasting Your Time Living Someone Else's Dream?

Are you one of those people who feel like they’re doing everything right to be successful and happy, yet they’re still witnessing life passing by with...

Cynthia Belmer
May 22 2013

You Spend 97,000 Hours At Work. Is It Worth It?

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend at work? Have you ever considered evaluating your work environment based on your personal...

Cynthia Belmer
May 13 2013

How You Can Get Organized And Make Your Life Insanely Easier

Our life gets messy when we lose track of our priorities and allow memorized tasks to disrupt us from being determined and motivated to get things...

Cynthia Belmer
March 15 2013

17 Ways To Shed Negativity And Achieve Happiness

How many of us feel complete self-love and self-compassion? How many of us take care of our own needs and rely on the way we look at ourselves instead...

Cynthia Belmer
February 22 2013

5 Unhealthy Communication Habits That Are Probably Getting You Nowhere

Did you know that lack of communication is the number one reason that causes couples to split? Here are 5 common unhealthy communication habits to...

Cynthia Belmer
February 11 2013

12 Ways To Turn Your Anxiety Into An Ally

What are you anxious about the most? Being alone? Going on a plane? Not getting the love and attention you want? Your health? Not being on time or...

Cynthia Belmer
February 5 2013

How I Dared To Be Vulnerable

The last few weeks have been so hard on me, so emotionally hard that I had to question myself, what is it that is missing in my life that I don’t...

Cynthia Belmer
January 9 2013

11 Ways To Attract Trust In Your Relationships

There is nothing worse than feeling that we are always anxious around the person we love the most in the world. Our peacefulness turn into a strong...

Cynthia Belmer
December 28 2012