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Cyndi Darnell

Why You're Having Bad Sex + What To Do About It

Recall the best sex you have ever had. I can almost guarantee that nothing about it was spontaneous. Whether it was anticipation of the date, the...

Cyndi Darnell
February 17 2015

7 Ways Mindful Touching Will Make Your Sex Life Better

There is nothing more soothing than a lover's touch. It's hard to imagine life without it. Whether it's an expression of erotic passion or profound...

Cyndi Darnell
January 27 2015

5 Simple Changes To Make Your Sex Life Hotter Than Ever

Sex, sex, sex. It's everywhere. A lot of the time, we rarely stop to consider sex enough, other than to think, "Oooh, I want it," or, "Ugh, not...

Cyndi Darnell
December 5 2014