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Chris Webb

Eliminating Failure

Shh! Don’t tell my daughter. By society’s standards, she’s a failure. She cannot stand on her own and each time we think she will, she falls. Falling...

Chris Webb
June 12 2012

Breastfeeding & Craziness on a Plane

This past month, I’ve written about our society’s breast fetish and the innocuous act of breastfeeding here and here. I wrote those pieces as an...

Chris Webb
June 4 2012

Breastfeeding: Commence Controversy!

Breast milk provides nourishment, immunity, and a sense of connection to the child. The World Health Organization recommends six months of exclusive...

Chris Webb
May 15 2012

3 Spiritual Healing Treatments You Should Know

I have made many changes in diet and nourishment due to a lifetime of occasional headaches. Reduced sugar, non-processed foods, properly grown produce...

Chris Webb
May 5 2012

3 Tips to Clean Up Your Virtual Life

Spring is here! While many of us dust and vacuum our homes and detail our cars, this is a great time to apply some spring cleaning effort to our...

Chris Webb
April 25 2012

3 Thoughts for Thriving

Someone dear to me had the term “diabetic” heaped on him after elevated blood sugar was discovered in his system. With the diagnosis, a switch flicked...

Chris Webb
April 18 2012

How Frustration Can Be...Good?!

The chicken never defrosted. The baby’s documents have gone missing, perhaps been shredded. We haven’t had a full night’s sleep in weeks, maybe...

Chris Webb
April 9 2012

The Day I Chose Wellness

I lie in bed surrounded by paper shopping bags filled with tissues and paper towels, which contain mucus that has been streaming out of my mouth and...

Chris Webb
April 4 2012

Spring Is Here and You Deserve Wellness!

Birds chirp. Pollinators buzz by. Buds form on branch and leaves poke up through the soil. Leaves obscure the heavens. Sunshine beckons us off the...

Chris Webb
March 21 2012

Educate or Medicate?

American health deteriorates as dietary diseases – type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease – flood our doctors' offices. As money pours into...

Chris Webb
March 14 2012

4 Things We Can All Learn From Babies

When my wife brought my daughter into my part-time job on Saturday, I asked her how the day was going. Kalia seemed quite calm and content. When I...

Chris Webb
March 9 2012

Undam and Undamn Yourself

The mighty Mississippi cannot be tamed. Despite efforts to straighten the river out and prevent floods, it still overflows its banks. Bodies of water...

Chris Webb
March 1 2012

Peeling the Wellness Onion

In the holistic field, we are wellness investigators who must use who, what, where, when, why, and how to help clear a path for optimal wellness to...

Chris Webb
February 24 2012

Who Defines Our Experience

On Friday, I woke up with a stiff neck and some pain heading toward my left eye, normally the precursor to a booming headache. Maybe I overstretched...

Chris Webb
February 15 2012

Declare Who You Are & Rejoice in the Announcement!

Too often, we hold ourselves back with the language of the future -- I want, I hope to, I plan -- while considering the obstacles and work that will...

Chris Webb
February 9 2012

Can Being Nude Solve Body Image Issues?

The American psyche is battered by relentless media projections of what the "ideal" body should be. While women have been targeted historically, men...

Chris Webb
February 2 2012

Backache, Bikram, Breakthrough

I am a punching bag and a doormat. Though I have walked about five paths in life and created five communities in the same amount of states, after...

Chris Webb
January 26 2012

Why Oatmeal Is the Superman of Food

Pity the oat (Avena sativa): Superman in Clark Kent's garb, a nutritional powerhouse transformed in our culture of convenience into a non-nourishing...

Chris Webb
January 20 2012

4 Tips for Being Mindful While Raising a Baby

For a half hour, Kalia has been screaming her head off. I tried burping her. No dice. Her diaper was dry as a bone. She already took her bottle and...

Chris Webb
January 11 2012