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Bethany Eanes

I Love Yoga...But It Didn't Help Me Love My Body

When I graduated from yoga teacher training, my teacher advised, “Remember, as a teacher, all eyes are on you. People will even peer in your grocery...

Bethany Eanes
August 23 2012

Are Lunar Cycle Effects Yogi Myth or Yogi Science?

If you glanced into the sky on Sunday or Monday night, you likely saw a beautiful, large, full moon lighting up the cosmos. And, if you happened to...

Bethany Eanes
September 13 2011

3 Poses for Staying Grounded This Summer

Hatha Yoga is the yoga of sun and moon (Ha and Tha). The goal is to balance the two forces within the body. This theme of balance carries through all...

Bethany Eanes
July 3 2011

The 4 Family Trees of Yoga Poses

Have you ever wondered why certain poses are grouped together in a yoga class? Yoga teachers know, in order to make the body feel good, they should...

Bethany Eanes
June 9 2011

7 Steps of a Successful Home Yoga Class

Have you ever wanted to begin a home yoga practice? Whether it's our work, our kids, or our tendency to over-schedule, sometimes the only way we can...

Bethany Eanes
May 23 2011

Calming the Mind to Calm the Body

The image of the peaceful yogi on a hilltop, unburdened by any of life's stresses, sitting comfortably in meditation, may seem foreign -- a man from...

Bethany Eanes
May 9 2011

6 Tips to Make Your Yoga Studio Greener

Yoga is, in essence, a green movement. Poses are named after animals, original yogis practiced outdoors, and then there's that whole idea of Ahimsa...

Bethany Eanes
April 13 2011