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Annie Markowitz

6 Tips That Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds Without Feeling Deprived

Weight loss can actually be easy if you can make a few simple mindset shifts.

Annie Markowitz
August 1 2016

A 1-Day Plant Based Meal Plan That Helped Me Reach My Goal Weight

Eating for weight loss doesn't have to be about restriction; here's proof.

Annie Markowitz
June 23 2016

How To Eat Vegan On Just $5 A Day

We know that eating a plant-based diet (or just a diet with more plants) is great for your body, but we wanted to see if it was affordable, too....

Annie Markowitz
January 27 2016

An Easy 1-Day Vegan Meal Plan (On A Budget)

Eating a healthy, balanced diet doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. I am a busy graduate student and often don’t have much time to spend in...

Annie Markowitz
April 15 2015