10 Articles by Amy Kurtz

Amy Kurtz

How To Master The Art Of Saying No

Because saying no to one thing is saying yes to another.

Amy Kurtz
July 30 2017

Your Guide To The Best Mental Health Day Ever

Your one-day plan to combat burnout, enclosed.

Amy Kurtz
February 23 2017

8 Healthy Ways To Detox + Banish Winter Bloat

The winter season provides plenty of excuses for loosening the reins on exercise and healthy eating. Now, with warmer weather approaching, it’s time...

Amy Kurtz
March 21 2016

9 Easy Ways To Wind Down After A Crazy-Busy Day

As a health coach, I know that setting a relaxing tone for the evening is essential for stress management, a mindful lifestyle, and great sleep....

Amy Kurtz
February 26 2016

7 Habits For A Mindful, Stress-Free Morning Routine

One of the best stress-management techniques I've discovered in both my personal life and coaching practice is having a relaxed, mindful morning,...

Amy Kurtz
February 15 2016

8 Easy Ways I Finally Improved My Digestion

The human gut is an amazing system of intake, distribution, and elimination. It’s always at work on your behalf, and its balancing act of separating...

Amy Kurtz
January 17 2016

I Have A Chronic Illness. Here Are The Changes I Made To Feel Great Every Day

Dealing with chronic health conditions is not an easy task. I can say that because I've been there.

Amy Kurtz
October 20 2015