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Ally Hamilton

3 Ways To Use Yoga To Attract True Love

Look no further than your mat.

Ally Hamilton
August 14 2016

5 Yoga Poses To Bring Focus To Your Morning

Taking some time first thing in the morning to quiet your mind and open your body is a beautiful way to set yourself up for an amazing day. It helps...

Ally Hamilton
September 30 2015

10 Signs You're A West Coast Yogi

I was born and raised in New York City. I grew up on the streets of the Upper West Side and never thought I’d live anywhere else. But in 2001, the...

Ally Hamilton
September 23 2015

7 Invigorating Yoga Poses to Sweat Your Asana Off

Sweating your asana off is wonderful — but you should be conscious of why you’re doing it. Beyond the physical, yoga can help us in our resolve to...

Ally Hamilton
September 12 2015

The Rules Of Dating For Yogis (And Other Humans)

A few years ago, I went on a date with a guy who travels around the country and gives talks and interviews about compassion and kindness. He's written...

Ally Hamilton
December 3 2014

The ABCs of Creating Healthy Boundaries

Few things are as critical to your wellbeing as the ability to create boundaries when necessary. This comes in our familial and personal lives, and in...

Ally Hamilton
September 2 2014

How Facing My Feelings Helped Me Deal With My Parents' Divorce

My parents got divorced when I was four, and I went back and forth, four nights at my mom’s, three at my dad’s, the following week four at my dad’s,...

Ally Hamilton
April 24 2014

Why Being Positive Can Make You Sick

There's a lot of pressure in the spiritual community to think positively, and to create your reality by choosing happy thoughts. So let me say this...

Ally Hamilton
February 25 2014

How To Deal When People Are Driving You Nuts

If you've ever done "Navasana" (boat pose) in a yoga class, it's possible the teacher told you to focus on the space between your toes. The idea is to...

Ally Hamilton
January 22 2014

Why It's Good If You Feel Angry, Depressed And Alone

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece about forgiveness. I got lots of emails, one from a woman who'd just found out her husband had been having an...

Ally Hamilton
December 12 2013

Why You'll Find Freedom In Forgiveness

Years ago I was teaching a weekend workshop, and during the course of the first evening, I touched upon the subject of forgiveness. At the break, a...

Ally Hamilton
November 26 2013

How To Heal A Broken Heart

There's no getting around pain in this life. If you're human, you're vulnerable. You're given this body and this heart, and all of your experiences,...

Ally Hamilton
November 5 2013

​The 3 Biggest Downfalls Of Romantic Relationships & How To Avoid Them

We have some crazy ideas about romantic love in our culture. Wanting to feel seen, heard and understood by at least one person in this world is a...

Ally Hamilton
October 14 2013

​Why We Lie + 3 Ways To Stop

There are all kinds of reasons people lie, but at the root of most of them is fear. Too many people go through life holding back, or sacrificing their...

Ally Hamilton
September 30 2013

3 Ways We Sabotage Ourselves + How To Stop

Most of us feel stuck at one time or another. Life isn't looking like the picture we had in our head, things aren't flowing, and frustration and...

Ally Hamilton
September 19 2013

Hooray! 5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Austere yogis will point out that part of yoga practice includes restraining ourselves from taking part in sensual pleasures; eventually, we are...

Ally Hamilton
September 3 2013

How Yoga Philosophy Can Help You Date

The last time I dated it was 2004, and I was on MySpace. (Ha! Remember MySpace?!) I was living with my awesome dog, and teaching yoga full-time as I...

Ally Hamilton
February 7 2013

Hope From the Inside Out

This is such an important message right now.

Ally Hamilton
December 6 2011

My Yoga Practice Playlist: Ally Hamilton

My playlist at Yogis Anonymous is an eclectic and diverse mix, combining the funk with the flow and a little straight up rock & roll.

Ally Hamilton
April 1 2011

2010 Gift Guide: Ally Hamilton

GIVE: My favorite nutritional find this year has been Yoga Earth. I was skeptical because I have two little kids and a new business, and I have been...

Ally Hamilton
December 3 2010