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Will Jelbert

This Is What A High-Quality Human Being Looks Like

Meet Natasha Garoosi, a woman dedicated to rekindling what it means to be human again through conversations that unite us.

Will Jelbert
May 21 2017

This Spoken-Word Poet Is Changing The World (One Dancing Panda Video At A Time)

"Imagine a future where technology is based on our values, not our screen time." —Max Stossel

Will Jelbert
April 2 2017

This Man Is Redefining Success, Meaning & Purpose For Millennials

"Invent your own path, whether that's starting a business or working for the UN. Wherever you are, be creative and innovate."

Will Jelbert
February 6 2017

How One Woman's Triumph Over Depression & Obesity Sparked A Holistic Wellness Mecca

​"If you change yourself on the inside it will reflect on the outside." —Karla Dascal

Will Jelbert
December 11 2016

Why Honesty Is A Crucial Ingredient In Lifelong Happiness

"Honesty helps us to connect with both ourselves and others. Happiness is connecting well."

Will Jelbert
October 2 2016

Meet The Visual Poet Hailed As "The Brené Brown Of Wonder"

Wonder is taking a moment to marvel at the stars, or the way someone you love gazes at you with adoration. It's the part of us that wants to know our...

Will Jelbert
July 15 2016

This Man Has Fed 7 Million Children: Here's What He Can Teach You About True Happiness

"It really feels like so little that we do [in the end], but it has such a big impact on [people's] lives."

Will Jelbert
July 9 2016