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Whitney Tingle

Feel Radiant By Eating The Right Food

You owe it to yourself to feel your absolute best.

Whitney Tingle
April 19 2016

The Founders Of Sakara Life Share Their Clean Beauty Routines

"Because what you put ON your body is as important as what you put IN your body."

Whitney Tingle
April 13 2016

How The Co-Founder of Sakara Life Gets Her Glow

Do more than drink water—eat it.

Whitney Tingle
March 9 2016

6 Tips To Make Healthy Eating A No-Brainer

You're busy, right? Always busy. Emails pile up, laundry piles up, and your to-do list never gets any shorter. It's true for all of us, and the last...

Whitney Tingle
May 15 2014

Turn Your Coffee Habit Into A Healthy Morning Ritual With These 5 Tips

Besides water, what do you put into your body every single day? For many of us, the only other thing we eat/drink religiously is coffee. And often it...

Whitney Tingle
August 16 2013