For the past two decades, 54-years-young Thorbjörg has inspired men and women throughout Scandinavia to live healthier and change their lives with food and exercise. Thorbjörg's way to health and beauty has so far been restricted to Scandinavians, but her book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks is now available in English for the first time and she's bringing her message to the States. Whether in their 20’s and 30s wondering how to future-proof their body or in their 40s or 50s worrying that bikinis are over for ever, women of every age can find tools and inspiration in 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks. Thorbjörg writes in a non-judgmental, humorous tone, and was once a self-proclaimed sugar-addict. As a trained nurse and nutritional therapist, her personal experience is backed by hard science.

The book has already achieved cult status in Scandinavia thanks to Thorbjörg's tried and tested all-natural approach, which she was willing to put to the test on Danish TV for the documentary series Botox or Broccoli. After just eight weeks following her plan, the broccoli team's health, vitality and wellbeing far outweighed those who had used a quick-fix injectable, while their skin was judged to be equally as youthful. For more on Thorbjörg including video courses, quizzes, tips and recipes, visit

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