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Tata Harper

5 Foods That Will Mess With Your Skin + What To Eat Instead

There’s no question that using high quality, natural skin care is only half of the solution to complexion concerns. The other half is what feeds your...

Tata Harper
November 21 2015

5 Rules To Get (And Keep) Gorgeous, Glowing, Healthy Skin For Life

Taking care of your skin is about so much more than what you put on it; lifestyle plays a big role in keeping your skin healthy, radiant, and youthful...

Tata Harper
November 9 2015

3 Chemicals To Avoid If You Have Children (And What To Use Instead)

As a mom of three young kids, ensuring that the products we have in our house are safe, pure and healthy is more than a priority — it's a necessity!

Tata Harper
June 8 2014

9 Things I Tell Any Woman Who Wants To Start A Business

Nine years ago, I made the decision to remove as many synthetic chemicals from my lifestyle as I possibly could.

Tata Harper
May 19 2014

10 Simple (But Essential!) Rules For Gorgeous Skin

When it comes to getting your healthiest, most beautiful skin, it can be tricky to know which steps to take. There’s so much information out there,...

Tata Harper
September 30 2013

How To Get Gorgeous Skin At Any Age

As the founder and creator of a 100% natural skincare line, I spend a lot of time traveling the country to meet clients, customers, and anyone...

Tata Harper
June 13 2013