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Suzanne Kvilhaug

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Running

Recently, I ran a race and I was hoping to finish in a specific time. I trained pretty hard and I was confident it was going to happen. Before the...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
June 30 2014

14 Mantras To Stick To Your Path, Even When You're Doubting Yourself

If you've chosen to take the path less traveled, you know what a roller coaster ride it is. The ups, the downs, the twists and the wild turns that you...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
June 19 2014

8 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Through Tough Times

It feels like every single person I know is going through a major transitional period right now. People are switching jobs, relocating, starting new...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
May 7 2014

How To Deal With Being The Only Vegan You Know

When I first went vegan, I knew zero vegans. I lived in a small city with a bunch of fast-food restaurants and a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner. None...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
February 11 2014

How I Lost 50 Pounds & Kept It Off

My relationship with food, diet and weight has completely transformed over the years, and I’ve lost 50 pounds throughout the process. I didn’t wake up...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
February 5 2014

3 Tips To Stop Being A Wuss & Start Running More

When I was growing up, both running and runners made no sense to me. It downright baffled me when someone was able to run more than a mile without...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
January 14 2014

Going Vegan Changed My Life. Here's What I Learned

Almost three years ago, I decided to go completely vegan. Because of my personal beliefs and my eating preferences, becoming vegan made the most...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
December 31 2013

3 Tricks To Eat The Way You've Always Wanted

If anyone knows what a bumpy and long road it can be to healthy eating, it’s me. A few years ago, I lost 50 pounds and ignited my wellness journey. 

Suzanne Kvilhaug
July 19 2013

How Life Got Better After Ditching Gluten

Although gluten isn’t a four-letter word, it's starting to feel like one. Everywhere you turn, gluten is getting a bad rap, and more people are...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
February 21 2013

3 Common Misconceptions That Stop People From Going Vegan

Two years ago I switched to eating completely vegan, and I've never looked back. Eating vegan feels right for my mind, body and soul.

Suzanne Kvilhaug
January 15 2013

How to Light a Fire From Within to Make 2013 Count

This year let’s make a promise to ourselves not to play the typical resolution game. You know what game I’m talking about, the one when you’re out on...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
December 6 2012

How I Lost 50 Pounds, Dropped Six Sizes, and Ignited My Wellness Journey

Growing up, I ate the typical Standard American Diet (SAD). I considered gummi bears a serving of fruit and donuts the breakfast of champions. I was...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
November 23 2012