Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe has been described as a veritable ball of energy, a characteristic further emphasized by her buoyant cloud of inky curls; the more excited she becomes about a topic, the more they bounce!

She is a sparkling, wildly talented yet relatable chef, wellness expert, empowerment architect, and beauty bandit whose candid videos and posts on health and mindfulness light up social media. She has a uniquely tolerant and holistic approach to the journey to wellness. Her methods incorporate healthy lump sums of great nutrition and culinary information, beauty tips, and words of personal growth; but also more comprehensive than that, she’s constantly encouraging her audience to be aware of and kind to themselves, and the world around them.

You can see her work featured in Vogue, Elle Magazine, MyDomaine, Milk Makeup, Club Monaco, Zady, DKNY, etc.

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