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Sarah Woehler

How I Found The Strength To Leave My Marriage & Start Again

For more years than I’m proud to admit, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach during my marriage, which began at the tender age of 21. I later...

Sarah Woehler
August 23 2015

Why Time With Friends Is Just As Important As Time With Your Partner

We enter into this world by way of our parents, who provide us (in most cases) with our first example of a romantic relationship. From this point on,...

Sarah Woehler
March 2 2015

7 Reasons I'm Grateful For My Divorce

While I had been in love during my teenage years, my now ex-husband was my first adult relationship. I had gotten engaged to him at 20 and married him...

Sarah Woehler
January 21 2015

10 Lessons I Learned About Grief From Ending My 10-Year Marriage

Faced with the option of staying in my marriage and sacrificing who I was or leaving the relationship in order to become who I needed to become, I...

Sarah Woehler
January 7 2015