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Sarah Von Bargen

How To Cure A Bad Case Of The "Shoulds"

I wish I could begin this post by telling you that I'm a human who is immune to jealousy, self-doubt, or second thoughts.

Sarah Von Bargen
March 30 2015

How To Get Just About Anything You Want

I spend a lot of time imagining my perfect life. I think about the clients I want to work with, how many hours a week I'd like to work, which pair of...

Sarah Von Bargen
October 17 2014

15 Small Ways To Be The Change You Want To See In The World

We'd all like to live in a kinder, cleaner, less stress-filled world, right? Well, Ghandi was onto something when he said we each need to be the...

Sarah Von Bargen
September 14 2014

18 Things I Really (Really!) Wish I'd Known In My 20s

Later this month I'll be celebrating my 35th birthday with a 10 day trip to Portland and Seattle. I'll go whale watching with friends, drink my weight...

Sarah Von Bargen
August 18 2014

How To Actually Do The Stuff You Say You Want To Do

So this time it's for real, right? The new diet. Quitting that soul-sucking job. Getting a small business loan. Going to back to school. Breaking up...

Sarah Von Bargen
July 27 2014

5 Tips To Survive Any Stressful Situation

I've lived through some pretty stressful projects including: completing work under tight deadlines for internationally renowned clients, trying to...

Sarah Von Bargen
July 21 2014

Why You Should Stop Downplaying Your Hard Work

I spent the better part of my 20s engaging in a biathlon of Effort Downplay and The Pursuit of Perfection. All those countries I visited? Oh, it’s...

Sarah Von Bargen
July 17 2014

How To Make It Easy To Be Awesome

Have you ever heard the theory that, in addition to being divided into believers and skeptics, cat people and dog people, black licorice lovers and...

Sarah Von Bargen
June 7 2013