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Sarah Maddux

I Had PCOS & I Still Got Pregnant Naturally

I found myself as one of the estimated five million American women struggling with the symptoms of this condition.

Sarah Maddux
February 14 2014

Love Key Lime Pie? You'll Love This Smoothie Recipe!

Summer's never over when you have this smoothie in hand! Say hello to key lime pie as a nutrient-packet breakfast! (Yes, you will just drink two cups...

Sarah Maddux
September 14 2013

Superfood Snack: Raw Cacao Maca Truffles

Calling all chocoholics. And nut butteraholics. And anyone who wants a nutrient-packed snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth and power your...

Sarah Maddux
September 5 2013

Have Your Lavender And Drink It, Too (Smoothie Recipe)

It doesn’t get much better than lavender. Just the scent alone is beautiful, but there are so many other benefits of this amazing little flower that...

Sarah Maddux
August 27 2013