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Paula Rizzo

5 Ways To Be Luckier Every Day

Science has identified the fundamental difference between lucky and unlucky people. This is it.

Paula Rizzo
November 21 2016

3 Reasons Failure Can Be The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To You

Don't chalk up every failure as just that. If you learn from the things that don't go your way, you'll get closer with every failure to greater and...

Paula Rizzo
June 30 2016

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Day Better In Under A Minute

Taking a minute to stop and handle the one or two things that feel doable might be exactly what you need to stop the slide into panic and turn your...

Paula Rizzo
June 6 2016

4 Tiny Productivity Hacks That Make A Big Difference

Do you ever feel like your days are starting to blur together? You go to the same places, eat the same foods, and feel like your life is a hamster...

Paula Rizzo
January 18 2016

5 Ways To Simplify Your Life In 5 Minutes Or Less

A few low-investment, high-reward ways you can lighten the load and simplify your life.

Paula Rizzo
December 6 2015

5 Powerful Affirmations To Start Your Week Right

Often, we keep our goals to ourselves, afraid that if we say them out loud we might jinx them or somehow keep ourselves from reaching them....

Paula Rizzo
November 16 2015