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9 Ways To Be Supportive If Your Partner Is Depressed

When you are in a relationship and your partner is depressed, it can be difficult to separate your feelings from theirs, and to understand how to...

Padhia Avocado
January 26 2015

6 Reasons You Can (And Should) Feel Hopeful Every Day

No matter what you are struggling with in your life, whether it be a difficult relationship, painful diagnosis, or just general disenchantment with...

Padhia Avocado
November 29 2014

I Struggled With Depression For Years. This Is How I Finally Healed

After about 12 years of trying every medication on the market, I had had enough.

Padhia Avocado
September 17 2014

8 Ways You're Wasting Your Emotional Energy

There are many obvious things that cause fatigue such as stress, a lousy diet, or a hormone imbalance, but there are also many subtle factors that can...

Padhia Avocado
August 25 2014

5 Tips To Help You Deal With Toxic People

Sometimes it's easy to feel like toxic people are everywhere. When I say "toxic" I'm referring to those people who always seem enmeshed in drama and...

Padhia Avocado
May 14 2014

6 Attitudes That Are A Complete Turn-On

More important than the way you look is the way people feel when they're around you. Here are six attitudes to put into practice that are memorable,...

Padhia Avocado
April 22 2014