Nicole Azzopardi

Nicole Azzopardi is a blogger at and author of The Alchemy Cookbook.

After searching for the most nutrient dense, healing food she could find to help heal her eldest daughter’s damaged digestive system, journalist, author and foundational food advocate Nicole, found the very best medicine came from rediscovering some of our oldest traditions.Simple, elegant and beautiful, the practice of culturing vegetables, making stocks and hearty soups and stews has provided the restorative qualities she had searched for.Nicole’s parents were born in Egypt.

Her mother is Maltese/ French and her father is Maltese/Greek.She draws on the traditions of all of these cultures and more to create a delicious array of every day foods that nourish and heal. Her family business, Mumma Care, supports mothers with children who are food allergic, intolerant and/or have autism by teaching cooking classes and running retreats on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula, Australia.

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