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Michelle Alva

Top 10 Ways To Be More Sensual Every Day

The more we feel with non-judgmental awareness, the more we're open to the experience of our innate sensual pleasures.

Michelle Alva
August 21 2015

3 Steps To Heal From Infidelity

Infidelity is a tremendously painful thing, both for the person who was betrayed, and also for the person who cheated. Understandably, infidelity can...

Michelle Alva
April 27 2015

3 Tips to Meet Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Men

Some women have an easy time meeting men that are balanced, connected to a higher purpose and healthy. Other women complain about men and keep on...

Michelle Alva
August 21 2012

3 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Beauty

You can look for it outside yourself, but you will never find it. Inner beauty comes from within. It is a state of experiencing the wholeness of your...

Michelle Alva
August 7 2012