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Michaela Haas

I Asked Cheryl Strayed All My Deepest Questions. Here Are Her Answers

When I signed up for two writing workshops with Cheryl Strayed, I was thrilled at the prospect of hearing from her, but I had no idea that they would...

Michaela Haas
January 18 2016

I Went To The U.S. Army's Resilience Boot Camp. Here's What I Learned About Mental Toughness

I used to think I was resilient. But when I contracted a mysterious illness (which turned out to be a chronic autoimmune disease) at age 28, I quickly...

Michaela Haas
December 4 2015

Want To Be Happy? Practice Gratitude. Here's How

I couldn’t believe my luck when the incomparable Maya Angelou granted me an interview six months before we lost her bright light. I finally asked her...

Michaela Haas
November 26 2015