Machel Shull

Middle Age Beauty, released on December 13, gained worldwide press for its anti-plastic surgery approach for women and men. Featured in the NY Post and in The Daily Mail UK and Beauty World News, Middle Age Beauty hit #2 on hot new releases on Amazon US, UK and top #25 bestseller in France. In the UK, Middle Age Beauty hit the top 20 spot on UK PAPERBACK in its first week of being published, and remained on Kindle’s top 100 for the first three months of it’s release. Author Machel Shull resides in Southern California with her family in the beach town of Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

She has been a public relations writer and a marketing executive for eight years in the San Diego area. As a former International Face model and an actress, Machel shares the nitty-gritty on aging, and exposes the pressures women receive to buy into a billion dollar industry of Botox. This book shares the 'beauty trinity' that is key to feeling great, being healthy and taking care of your soul. Mrs. Shull interviews top psychologists, doctors and nutritionists regarding health, soul, and holistic healing, while weaving in her own personal experiences that share how to find the right balance during your mid-life journey. She uncovers the hidden dangers and facts that you should know before ever injecting your face with a foreign substance. In a world that is encouraging women to feel insecure about their looks and age, Middle Age Beauty empowers women to embrace their natural self first by seeking a more soulful and meaningful experience. Her follow up book, Happy Soul will be released this fall.

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