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Lisa Munger

OK, Seriously. What Is Ayurveda? (A Primer)

Trying to explain Ayurveda in an “elevator pitch,” that is to say, in one or two minutes, is nearly impossible, but as an Ayurvedic teacher and...

Lisa Munger
January 25 2013

Ayurveda for the Summer: What You Need to Know About Pitta Season

My normally down-to-earth, calming husband walked in the door yesterday after a couple of hours in 90-degree, humid heat, wrestling with the lawnmower...

Lisa Munger
May 31 2012

Playing Hide and Seek with Your Inner Teacher

We Westerners love doing. Our culture rewards it -- lauding those who log the most billable hours; making "keeping busy" a valued response to one of...

Lisa Munger
August 24 2011