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Lisa Munger

OK, Seriously. What Is Ayurveda? (A Primer)

Trying to explain Ayurveda in an “elevator pitch,” that is to say, in one or two minutes, is nearly impossible, but as an Ayurvedic teacher and...

Lisa Munger
January 25 2013

How to Find Your Voice with Your Throat Chakra

Whether it’s a rebel yell or a soft whisper, our voice is our primary outlet into the external world.

Lisa Munger
September 11 2012

How to Bust Open Your Heart Chakra

A few weeks ago one of my closest friends and I had a misunderstanding that quickly blew into a big, fat storm of an argument. Over what, you may say?...

Lisa Munger
June 18 2012

Ayurveda for the Summer: What You Need to Know About Pitta Season

My normally down-to-earth, calming husband walked in the door yesterday after a couple of hours in 90-degree, humid heat, wrestling with the lawnmower...

Lisa Munger
May 31 2012

Finding Your Inner Power: The Solar Plexus Chakra

We're more than a month into New Year’s resolution season. How's it goin'? Need a little more oomph in your resolution? Here comes Manipura, our Solar...

Lisa Munger
February 15 2012

Sinking Into the Sacral Chakra

When I was in my early-20s, my doctor discovered a benign tumor on one of my ovaries. Though my health was fine after surgery to remove the growth,...

Lisa Munger
November 30 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Detox

After a weekend of yummy holiday indulging it feels like my gut could use a break and a nice detox. Enter millet. Besides being a common component of...

Lisa Munger
November 28 2011

Finding Your Base: Working with the Root Chakra

In the next seven weeks here at MindBodyGreen, I'm going to be taking a closer look at each of our chakra centers. The chakra centers can easily sound...

Lisa Munger
November 10 2011

Chakras Primer: Learn to Make Them Sing

As Westerners, it's important to apply a healthy degree of skepticism when considering Eastern practices, making sure we filter ideas from cultures...

Lisa Munger
November 2 2011

3 Ayurveda Tips to Settle in for Autumn

Picture it: you sit on your mat, intent to get through your yoga practice, and before you get to your first downward dog, you're off -- chasing the...

Lisa Munger
October 12 2011

Playing Hide and Seek with Your Inner Teacher

We Westerners love doing. Our culture rewards it -- lauding those who log the most billable hours; making "keeping busy" a valued response to one of...

Lisa Munger
August 24 2011