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Lindsey Lewis

The 5-Minute Mindset Shift For FINALLY Making Peace With Your Anxiety

"What might you gain if you were willing to step into the unknown, the unfamiliar territory of reframing how you think about anxiety?"

Lindsey Lewis
December 14 2016

What It's Actually Like To Transcend (I Did It)

Because I’m letting it go. I’m letting go of the person I thought I should be. The person they thought I should be. I have no idea—no idea!—who I will...

Lindsey Lewis
May 6 2016

How To Reconnect With Your Essential Self + Why It Actually Matters

A decade ago I gave up my job as a magazine editor, left my 7-year relationship, and relinquished a life of red carpets, VIP status, and free trips to...

Lindsey Lewis
April 23 2016

Why You Don’t Need To Trust Yourself (And What To Do Instead)

“Trust yourself.” This is a piece of advice we've all heard over and over again. Despite being cliché, this advice undoubtedly comes from an...

Lindsey Lewis
August 19 2015

How To Silence The Haters & Start Listening To Your Authentic Self

The desire to be more than what other people tell us we can be — there's something so vital about embracing what we might do or be if we could just...

Lindsey Lewis
January 26 2015

What Tantra Can Teach You About Embracing Challenges

Do you ever feel like you're not a good enough yogi — that you don't spend enough time meditating and doing asana? Me too.

Lindsey Lewis
November 12 2014

10 Ways To Find The Guru In You

Your Sat Guru—true teacher within you—arrives when you finally call. When you’ve finally given up on hoping someone else will take the bait, take...

Lindsey Lewis
July 24 2013

Why Meditation Is Overrated

Let’s get straight to the point: meditation is overrated. And for some people, feeling like they “should” meditate is causing them to feel like...

Lindsey Lewis
May 7 2013

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Spiritual Teacher

There are spiritual teachers who don’t live their teachings, who are more driven by ego and the need to have their expertise affirmed, than a desire...

Lindsey Lewis
February 17 2013

6 Surprising Ways to Get What You Really Want

It’s not all hard work. It’s not all goal-setting and blood, sweat and tears. There’s ease and peace and instant fulfillment.

Lindsey Lewis
January 17 2013

7 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition

Want to align with synchronicity? To feel flow in your life? To know for certain that choices you make are the right ones, in alignment with your...

Lindsey Lewis
December 5 2012

3 Ways to Face Your Fear And Do It Anyway

I had my first panic attack when I was about seven years old. My panic attacks didn’t last long, but they were fierce. And utterly frightening.

Lindsey Lewis
October 30 2012

Living Yoga: Cultivating the Power Within

If you’ve ever experienced a surge of energy during your yoga practice and then wondered how to tap into it off your mat, this is for you. If you’ve...

Lindsey Lewis
September 26 2012

From Anger to Love: A True Story

Sometimes the universe makes my jaw drop. Wanna hear a story? This is true—every bit of it.

Lindsey Lewis
August 24 2012

The 5 Ways Fear Can Become Fuel

Fear. Sweaty palms, pounding heart, racing mind, tense muscles and narrowed vision. Can this force become fuel?

Lindsey Lewis
July 5 2012

Why Doing Less Is the Key to Abundance

It’s the total opposite of what I used to do. I used to wholeheartedly believe that to get a lot done, I had to make myself work more more more—and...

Lindsey Lewis
June 10 2012

5 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier Now

Happiness is free. And so are you. Free to choose tools that boost your happiness and ease your stress—bringing more joy, contentment and peace into...

Lindsey Lewis
April 13 2012