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Lindsey Hall

My Body's Not "Perfect," But Here's Why I'm Wearing A Bikini

Let’s talk about that “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini." Like so many others, I have struggled for more than eight years to wear a...

Lindsey Hall
September 4 2015

7 Truths About Recovering From An Eating Disorder

Two years ago, I was 24-years old and exiting rehab after a six-week stint for an eating disorder. I was so sure that my life was going to "make...

Lindsey Hall
August 23 2015

How Facebook Helped Me Recover From An Eating Disorder

One year ago, I mage a statement on Facebook that would change my life. Status box open, fingers on the keyboard, I began deliberating how bad an idea...

Lindsey Hall
March 12 2015

6 Real Signs Of Disordered Eating

Eating Disorders. How many times have we seen them depicted in a Lifetime movie or scrutinized in the tabloids? We may know what "too skinny" looks...

Lindsey Hall
January 14 2015