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Kim Wilson Pollock

Waist-Whittling Spicy Green Juice

As the warmer weather approaches, you might be paying a little more attention to your physique. If you're like me, you could be a tad nervous about...

Kim Wilson Pollock
May 6 2014

Forget Sports Drinks! Refuel With This Green Juice

Hot, sweaty and in need of electrolytes after a big workout? Skip the sports drink and and opt for a high-octane green juice!

Kim Wilson Pollock
February 5 2014

Coconut Cookie Dough Bites (They're Actually Pretty Healthy!)

My favorite childhood indulgence was cookie dough. Back then, I cold eat a whole bowl! Fast forward 25 years, though, and I now understand how harmful...

Kim Wilson Pollock
January 28 2014

Step Away From The Coffee & Start Your Day With This Green Juice

Picture this: your alarm clock goes off, you jump out of bed with vim and vigor, you put on your yoga pants, and rush out the door. You start your day...

Kim Wilson Pollock
October 6 2013