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Kate Swoboda

A 5-Step Visualization Exercise That Will Change The Way You Look At Money

For years, my fear around money went something like this: I’d want to do something special, like take a vacation. I’d save the money to do it, and...

Kate Swoboda
December 1 2015

8 Ways To Make Your Life Extraordinary, No Matter How Ordinary It Seems

In any predictable action flick, the hero swoops in when all seems impossible, the challenges insurmountable. It’s why you watch the movie — because...

Kate Swoboda
May 30 2014

Do The Yoga Or Don't. Either Way, Let's Ditch The Dogma

It’s become more and more passe to insist that we share the same belief systems, likes and dislikes, and values. In many parts of the Western world,...

Kate Swoboda
November 6 2013

How I Ditched Yoga & Felt Better

Everyone understands that when you start something new, you’re going to encounter resistance. What becomes harder to figure out is knowing when the...

Kate Swoboda
October 14 2013

Change Your Life by Changing the Channel

We have to start thinking differently before we can do something differently, and I’m not referring to the Law of Attraction. There are very real,...

Kate Swoboda
October 3 2012